Danielle Jacobs is a highly educated, uniquely versatile, culturally competent therapist and author. She is skilled in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques. She works eclectic, based on the client’s unique needs and collaborated customized therapy goals. She has a curious nature and client’s describe her personality as kind, non-judgmental, authentic, and intuitive. Through her studies, travels, work, and life experiences, Ms. Jacobs has gained experience working and interacting with a diverse population. She has helped many adults and children adjust to life’s challenges and has become an expert on the effects of divorce on children and adults. Her intention in therapy is to provide clients with strategies to cope with everyday stressors and to help them tap into their own inner resources to discover how to live a more fulfilling life without stress and anxiety.

In Florida she is a licensed Mental Health Counselor; a Clinical hypnotherapist, a Family Mediator, a qualified Parenting Coordinator, and a qualified Supervisor. She is trained as a Past Life Regression therapist by best selling author Dr. Brian Weiss, MD (worldwide known for his book Many Lives Many Masters).

Ms. Jacobs was born and raised in the Netherlands. As a teenager, she experienced the high-conflict divorce of her parents. She knows first hand how a child can struggle with loyalties when growing up with parental conflicts. This motivated her to choose her career path. She is passionate about helping children and their parents.

She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from a well-accredited University in Amsterdam and became a licensed Psychologist, specialized in developmental psychology. She continued with a two-year post-graduate Education to become a Wellness psychologist and completed another one-year Masters program in Forensic Psychology. She gained professional experience as a psychologist in an internationally known Child Psychiatric Clinic (“The Bascule”), where she conducted child evaluations with complex cases with dual diagnosis and provided counseling to the children as well as their parents.

She advised the Court of Amsterdam in Youth forensic criminal cases as a court appointed forensic expert. For years she worked for the Dutch Child Protection Services as a Behavioral expert where she was an educator and consultant for social workers and parents. Her professional opinion was highly valued in social investigations and visitation-, primary residence-, and custody cases. In 2008, after traveling the world and learning Spanish in Latin- and Central America, Ms. Jacobs settled down with her native Colombian husband in South Florida where she gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

After completing the requirements to become a licensed Mental Health counselor in Florida at Florida International University (FIU), passing the board exam and completing training to become a hypnotherapist she opened her private practice in North Miami Beach.

Her Work

Her caseload consists of court-referred- extended co-parenting cases, individual counseling and hypnotherapy for adults, couples and children. She offers psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy. She is a writer for www.divorcedmoms.com and her articles have been featured online in The Huffington Post, PositiveMed.com and The Good Men Project.

Ms. Jacobs self-published two books; Nina Has Two Houses (also available in Spanish: Nina Tiene Dos Hogares), and she is co-author of To Stay or Not to Stay. All books are available on Amazon.com. Nina Has Two Houses is written for children ages 2–6 whose parents are going through a divorce. To Stay or Not to Stay is a self-help workbook for people considering divorce, to give them clarity if they want to stay in their relationship or separate.


  • After a tragic and traumatic event in my life I knew I needed guidance and help. I’m so glad that I found Danielle and she helped me navigate the difficult times with a mix of talk therapy and emdr. I purchased touchpoint wristbands so we could do emdr therapy online as we are both in different parts of the country. I was very nervous to do the emdr as it means revisiting the event and at first I wasn’t quite sure whether it made a difference. But a difference it made. It just took a while for me to notice that my emotions were not running the show all day anymore. I also learned techniques to calm my nerves when needed. The touchpoint wristbands are also handy for that because if I have a day where I’m visited by uninvited flashbacks I can wear them and take 10 minutes out of my day to calm myself and make the emotions less heavy. I’m taking a break for now but it’s a reassurance to know that I can also return to sessions with Danielle if things get too difficult again. But for now, I can breathe again and I’m not spending my days reliving my trauma and that’s a result I’ll treasure every day.

  • Living in a post-Covid world is a whirlwind and we could all use some assistance so an experienced, respectful, attentive, resolute and caring therapist such as Danielle Jacobs is called for. Ms. Jacobs has used guided imagery, breathing techniques, relaxed states, and other skills to improve my mental health. Over the months I have been working with her, she has helped me immensely with the growth of my business and has offered sound advice on how to handle harrowing experiences as well as ways to overcome limiting self-beliefs and negative thought-patterns. Ms. Jacobs has also utilized hypnotherapy, which is not the dark arts of magic, but rather a closed-eye process in which she guides me through the wonderful realm of self-compassion, self-assurance and inner-tranquility. I have found it very therapeutic in perplexing times. Positive Change Therapy is highly beneficial, and I would recommend Ms. Jacobs for counseling. She assists with Emotional Support Animal registration too which enabled me to fly half-way across the globe with my dog under my seat.

  • Ms. Jacobs is a compassionate (hypno)therapist. She kept me focused on the topic when my urge was to escape difficult feelings. She does this in her own friendly, kind and loving way, without being pushy. I felt like she took me under her wings like a mother swan does with her babies, and it made me feel safe and protected. In hypnotherapy, I felt that she gave me the freedom to follow my internal process from the beginning to the end without unnecessary  interruptions. Even when I saw myself in a different dimension that I could not understand at first, Ms. Jacobs encouraged me to explore without questioning my experience. I felt a deeper understanding of myself and the reason I came to see her. I felt tired, but peaceful and more confident inside. I would highly recommend Ms. Jacobs for people who are willing to go to the next level of healing and personal growth.

  • Danielle Jacobs helped us talk to our daughter about our divorce, understand the child’s perspective and how we can reassure her. She also helped my daughter be more calm and confident and express her emotions in better ways. After the therapy she was a happier child and slept better.

  • Danielle Jacobs is a compassionate, caring and trustworthy therapist. She helped me take my dog with me in the plane which made me feel comforted while being away from home. Thanks to her, the airline waived the extra fee because I could show them my ESA letter.


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