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Nina Has Two Houses

As you know many parents are struggling with divorce and have questions on how to talk with their children regarding divorce related issues. Parents of young children often don’t explain to their children what is happening in their family because they assume ‘they don’t understand’.  I wrote children’s book ‘Nina Has Two Houses’ for those parents and their young children (2-6). Young children can have intense feelings, but they don’t possess the words or the mental capacity to express how they feel. This can result in regressive behavior and behavioral problems. Reading ‘Nina Has Two Houses’ to the child can help parents and caregivers talk with children about their feelings. It also gives adults more insight in the emotional world of the child. Children can identify with the main character, Nina, who experiences emotions and expresses thoughts they may recognize in themselves. It gives words to feelings and thoughts that they are yet too young to express. This can have a therapeutic effect on children going through the turmoil of a divorce.

Many teachers, therapists and parents are already using the book as recourse and I have been receiving positive reactions daily.

Nina Tiene Dos Hogares

Nina Tiene Dos Hogares

“Nina Tiene Dos Hogares” fue escrito para niños entre 2-6 años cuyos padres estén pasando por un divorcio. Los niños pequeños pueden tener sentimientos intensos, pero no poseen aún las palabras o la capacidad intelectual para expresar como se sienten. Leerle al niño este libro ayudará a los padres y familiares cercanos a conversar con los pequeños sobre sus sentimientos respecto a la separación de sus padres. Los niños pueden identificarse con la protagonista, Nina, quien experimenta emociones y expresa pensamientos que quizá reconozcan en sí mismos. Les da palabras a los pensamientos y sentimientos que al ser tan pequeños no logran expresar. Esto brinda un efecto terapéutico en niños pasando por la difícil situación del divorcio de sus padres.Muchos padres se preguntan sobre como aproximarse a su hijo o hija acerca de las cuestiones relacionadas al divorcio.

Responder a todas las preguntas que puedas tener va más allá de este libro, sin embargo muchas sugerencias están incluidas para ayudar a los padres a resolver preguntas de gran importancia.

To Stay Or Not To Stay?

Questioning your marriage is personal, emotional, painful, and stressful. Deep feelings of anger, frustration, sadness, and loneliness are difficult to endure for a long period of time. Whether you are staring at the door but are convinced you will stay in an unhappy marriage; have one hand on the doorknob as you contemplate leaving; or have one foot out the door, this book will help you to make the right decision.Divorce is a major unpleasant life event. You may be looking for a quick fix to stop the agony of feeling unhappy and being in limbo. This book is not a quick fix. It is therapy in a workbook. It is compassionate, comprehensive, and different from other books you may find about divorce due to the therapeutic secrets revealed.To Stay Or Not To Stay, created for both husbands and wives, offers a path to clarity, guidance, validation of feelings, and support (if you are willing to use honest introspection). After processing the material, you will have more self-confidence, stability, and serenity. The book will defuse feelings of helplessness and empower you to move forward in your life. Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life with or without your spouse. This indispensable book is in full color with illustrations.


The question “is cheating a reason for divorce” is highly personal. The answer depends on the state your marriage was in before the alleged ‘cheating’ occurred. An unstable marriage is more likely to reach a breaking point if infidelity is suspected. Ultimately, the question can only be answered after you first take a closer look […]

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As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I hear a lot of ways parents cause harm to their kids during divorce. There is no excuse; not putting the interest of the child first when making decisions is harmful. I hear co-parents fight about nail clippings, hair styles, school and church plays, bedtimes, eating habits, the way […]

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