Experiential Therapies

In experiential therapy, you don’t just talk about feelings and emotions but ‘live through’ them or experience them so that they can diminish in strength. Have you ever wondered why, despite talking about a certain issue over and over again and thinking you ‘should be done with it’,  why it keeps coming back to bother you and trigger strong emotions when you least expect it? 

The answer is simple; these past experiences keep coming up from our subconscious mind when we don’t attend to them.

Danielle Jacobs has helped many people go back to the source of their current difficulties and change thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve them.

In experimental therapies we surpass the rational mind and work with subconscious material to find the source of our current difficulties. That way it is possible to see recurrent patterns clearly, get valuable insights and reprogram negative beliefs about the self or the world. Because your subconscious mind is intuitive and knows what is good for you, it will take you exactly where you need to go to move you forward on your life’s path.


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