ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Registration

Research has shown that dog ownership has positive effects on our physical health as well as on our mental emotional well-being. Not only do dogs bring joy and purpose into our lives, spending time with dogs can decrease blood pressure and lower heart rates.  They help us cope with trying times, decrease feelings of loneliness and social isolation and studies have shown that dogs help improve mood in people with depression. Additionally, walking with a dog increases the level of physical activity and helps people interact and connect with other dog owners. 

Imagine being able to have your dog sit with you in the cabin during a flight, without paying an extra fee for the dog. Imagine being able to take your dog into a hotel or live with you in pet free housing. This could become reality if you qualify.

Emotional support animals provide therapeutic benefits to their owner through affection and companionship.

In order to bring your ESA with you in the plane or into pet free housing, a formal letter from a therapist and an official ESA registration is required. I offer Emotional support animal evaluations to find out if you qualify. This will be done in a therapy session and I will ask you to fill out some questionnaires. I will then explain to you the process to obtain the registration. If indicated, the ESA can become a part of your treatment plan and you will receive a letter to show proof to the airline or building management. Most airlines now also require a reasonable accommodation form to be filled out by your therapist just before you are flying. If you are qualified, I can accommodate any specific airline request. I recommend an ESA most commonly for mental health disorders like PTSD, anxiety disorders, or depression but there are other mental and emotional conditions that may benefit from the comfort of an emotional support dog.

Please note that an emotional support animal is NOT a service dog, which is specifically trained to perform a task to help someone with a disability (for example a seeing eye dog). Unlike a service dog, an emotional support animal does not need specialized training. However obedience training is recommended, especially if you plan to fly with your dog.


  • Living in a post-Covid world is a whirlwind and we could all use some assistance so an experienced, respectful, attentive, resolute and caring therapist such as Danielle Jacobs is called for. Ms. Jacobs has used guided imagery, breathing techniques, relaxed states, and other skills to improve my mental health. Over the months I have been working with her, she has helped me immensely with the growth of my business and has offered sound advice on how to handle harrowing experiences as well as ways to overcome limiting self-beliefs and negative thought-patterns. Ms. Jacobs has also utilized hypnotherapy, which is not the dark arts of magic, but rather a closed-eye process in which she guides me through the wonderful realm of self-compassion, self-assurance and inner-tranquility. I have found it very therapeutic in perplexing times. Positive Change Therapy is highly beneficial, and I would recommend Ms. Jacobs for counseling. She assists with Emotional Support Animal registration too which enabled me to fly half-way across the globe with my dog under my seat.

  • Danielle Jacobs is a compassionate, caring and trustworthy therapist. She helped me take my dog with me in the plane which made me feel comforted while being away from home. Thanks to her, the airline waived the extra fee because I could show them my ESA letter.


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