EMDR is a trauma resolution treatment modality that has currently more scientific research than any other non-pharmaceutical intervention. Based on scientific evidence and thousands of client and clinician testimonials, EMDR has proven an effective and rapid method of accessing and reprocessing traumatic material. During EMDR treatment the client attends to emotionally disturbing material in brief sequential doses while simultaneously focusing on external bilateral stimulation.  I use a ‘Theratapper’ that sends a low electrical pulse from one hand to the other.  Tapping on each hand alternatively could also be used instead while processing the material at the same time.

After completing treatment, many clients report that they still remember the trauma. However, when confronted with traumatic stimuli, they don’t experience the accompanying strong emotions anymore. They heal from the often, debilitating symptoms and distress from triggers that remind them of the disturbing life experience(s). The client learns new associations (more adaptive memories or information) in connection with the traumatic material.

Please note that I will resume this treatment modality once we can meet in person again.

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