Guided Meditations

As a licensed mental health counselor and a hypnotherapist, I believe that it is everyone’s birthright to live a fulfilling life and to feel calm, joyful and peaceful inside. 

Guided meditations are a great tool to help relax body and mind, regardless of what is happening in your life right now. 

Whatever changes, challenges or obstacles you are facing, YOU can choose to take this time for yourself, to disconnect from thinking about anything else than just THIS moment. Do it just because you deserve it and it will help you adjust to whatever you need, find the answers to whatever questions you may be facing and heal that part of you that needs healing.

By listening to my voice and the relaxing music you will go on a delightful journey of relaxation and in that state of consciousness you will be susceptible for positive statements and suggestions about yourself and the world around you. Some people SEE this journey in their minds’ eye, some people just KNOW or FEEL the journey.

Nothing is right or wrong, it’s’ about your own personal experience and everyone processes information in a different way. When I do guided meditations in session, I always incorporate positive statements about the self or the world. I tailor these positive affirmations to the clients’ unique needs. Feeding your subconscious mind positive statements counters any negative beliefs that you may have and with time you will feel the difference. Just listen to these positive affirmations without judgment. Your subconscious mind will do the rest. By tapping into your inner resources you will be able to develop your intuition and inner wisdom so in time you will just KNOW deep inside the path or available choices that are right for you. Relaxing your mind and relaxing your body through mediation requires practice. It’s just like learning to ride a bike. Unwanted thoughts will come to mind, it’s normal, especially in the beginning. Just let those thoughts pass by and focus again on my voice and the music. Whatever happens, it’s all good. The more you practice, the easier it becomes.

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