Aromatic plants have been used for their healing properties for thousands of years. Religious scriptures contain over 1,000 references to plants and oils. Even in ancient times, people realized that plant extracts have anti-bacterial, antiviral and medicinal purposes.

There are infinite possibilities and uses to bring balance to body and mind.

In her practice, Danielle Jacobs uses essential oil blends tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Essential oils can be used undiluted or diluted, in an inhaler, diffuser, spray, in a roller or as massage oil. A calming blend can be made for moments of stress or anxiety. The right combination of oils can be used as a room or pillow spray to combat insomnia or another blend to uplift and energize in the morning or afternoon.  Some oils can improve focus and concentration for work or study.  Oils can also aid digestion, skin irritation, pain or cold/flu symptoms.

What are essential oils and how are they made?

To extract oils, different parts of plants can be used like seeds, roots, leaves or flowers. The oils are extracted through steam distillation.

Take control of your own wellness!

Order a custom made essential oil product for specific concerns:

  • for example fight anxiety with a blend to promote peace and tranquility
  • fight insomnia with a blend to promote a peaceful night sleep
  • improve concentration and focus by using an energizing, awakening blend

I offer oils in different presentations:

  • Nose inhaler, undiluted oil blend
  • Roller, 10 ml
  • Flowery perfume bottle with roller (see photo)
  • Room/pillow spray; 2 oz or 10 ml spritzer bottle in different colors
  • Massage oil with pump, 4 oz
  • Aromatherapy blend to use in a diffuser, undiluted
  • Car air diffuser
  • Aromatherapy necklace

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