Relationship Counseling

We, as humans, are by nature in need of relationships with other people.

If these connections are causing stress and sleepless nights, it’s time to take action.

Counseling can help improve your relationships and overall wellness. Whether it is the relationship with your spouse, your child, a sibling or your ex, Danielle Jacobs  can help you make positive changes in your life.

With over 20 years of experience and an author on the topic, she knows how to help you enhance your communication skills, and open your eyes to the reasons why things are not going smoothly.  Counseling is a safe place where you can learn new skills and gain new insights to improve your quality of life.

If you work on one relationship, you will see that it may not only improve that current relationship, it can also enhance the level of meaningful connection, intimacy or satisfaction in other current or future relationships. Often, clients express that, just the first step of making the appointment, can create a positive shift in the relationship because the intention to change is communicated.

Couples counseling

Relationships go through different stages. Every stage can create its own challenges and can be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship and learn from each other. People have, sometimes explosive arguments about many topics, for example money, sex, parenting styles, household issues and scheduling confusions to name a few.  People outside the relationship can also be the cause of discord, like when boundaries are blurry with friends, family or in-laws.

Some people seek counseling to heal the wounds of infidelity or other betrayals of trust in a relationship. The goal for couples counseling is to improve communication, trust and mutual understanding to maintain or strengthen the relationship. It can help to discover how to express emotions in a healthy way.  However, some people find out in counseling that they no longer want to be with their spouse or partner. In that case counseling can help work through the emotions of a breakup or divorce and help both partners transition.

Premarital counseling

Getting married is exciting and the couple is usually full of hope and good intentions that the marriage will last. Premarital counseling’s goal is to strengthen the foundation of your relationship before getting married. This can set you up for a successful marriage where there is trust and disagreements get resolved with mutual respect and understanding.

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