Past life regression therapy is based on the assumption of reincarnation, which proclaims that we live many lives in different bodies to learn valuable life lessons. Hypnosis can be used to bypass the conscious mind to access memories that cross the boundaries of times so that past life times can be accessed. 

Hypnosis can be a great tool to make past and present life patterns clear. 

Hypnosis can be used to access past lives out of curiosity, without a specific concern or symptom in mind, which we call ‘Past life tourism’. If there are unexplained symptoms, however, hypnosis can  be very useful to heal  past life trauma as the root of current life fears or difficulties. 

For example in Past life therapy, under hypnosis, a client found out that her fear of enclosed spaces was rooted in a past life where she was locked up in a barn. After revisiting and working through the emotions of that experience in therapy, she understood what she needed to learn from that life time. After that the symptoms were no longer bothering her. In some cases, past life regression can even make the purpose of your current life more clear.

Whether your goal is to heal from the chains of past life trauma or are just curious who you were before,  Danielle Jacobs will create a comfortable and safe environment by guiding you and walking along the path with you.

Danielle Jacobs with Brian Weiss
In 2015, Danielle Jacobs was trained in Past Life Regression Therapy by world renowned Psychiatrist Brian L. Weiss, M.D. in New York. He is the world’s foremost expert and author in the field of past life regression therapy. His first best selling book is called “Many Lives Many Masters”.

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