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Have you reached a certain level of achievement and status in your career and personal life but can’t seem to shake off the feeling that there could be more? Did you realize all your dreams and aspirations? Are you really connecting in an authentic way with other people? How could you improve your self awareness and enhance your quality of life? Danielle Jacobs has a strong belief that there is always room for improvement in any relationship and that we are never ‘finished’ developing ourselves personally and professionally.

Why be complacent and not shoot for the stars?

Danielle Jacobs can help you break through the obstacles that are blocking your personal transformation to be the person that you were meant to be.

People can look for counseling for different reasons. Sometimes it’s for reduction of symptoms that are bothersome in daily life, like anxiety or depression. Sometimes it’s to overcome challenges, for example a loss, a divorce, a transition, problems in relationships, parenting or an unexpected life-event. Sometimes people are looking for counseling not for any particular concern, but for more fulfillment in their life. If you have  a desire to use the full potential of your own creative powers to set goals for your personal and professional growth, this type of counseling may be a good fit for you.

When we look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (or ‘The pyramid of Maslow’), it becomes clear that many people will not be ready to reach self actualization because their basic life -and safety needs and their need for belonging and love are not met. After all, you need to first have food and shelter and a safe home base before you can work on other achievements and self-actualization.

When you are ready, Danielle Jacobs can help you ‘grow’ with the goal of (re)discovering a serene, creative and joyful state and reaching your true potential. She has over 20 years of therapeutic experience and is trained in heart-centered-hypnotherapy and trained in past life regressions by no other than Brian Weiss, MD. She can help you move forward on your life’s unique path by making past subconscious patterns clear and bring them into consciousness. It can make you see all the choices available to you and it may even make your life purpose more clear.


  • Living in a post-Covid world is a whirlwind and we could all use some assistance so an experienced, respectful, attentive, resolute and caring therapist such as Danielle Jacobs is called for. Ms. Jacobs has used guided imagery, breathing techniques, relaxed states, and other skills to improve my mental health. Over the months I have been working with her, she has helped me immensely with the growth of my business and has offered sound advice on how to handle harrowing experiences as well as ways to overcome limiting self-beliefs and negative thought-patterns. Ms. Jacobs has also utilized hypnotherapy, which is not the dark arts of magic, but rather a closed-eye process in which she guides me through the wonderful realm of self-compassion, self-assurance and inner-tranquility. I have found it very therapeutic in perplexing times. Positive Change Therapy is highly beneficial, and I would recommend Ms. Jacobs for counseling. She assists with Emotional Support Animal registration too which enabled me to fly half-way across the globe with my dog under my seat.


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